Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 34

Whew, my brain is on over-drive. I've done way too much Math today and need a break. Although I like being in college most of the time, doing it as an adult with a family is hard.

So, here I am 34 days in. I've been doing the Leptin Reset for 27 of those. I'm working on getting my hormones and leptin back in whack. Yes, they were totally out of balance due to several reasons. Want to know if yours are too? Do you have excess belly weight? Have trouble falling or staying asleep? Heavy, irregular periods? Mood swings. It's not just PMS ladies. Our leptin has been ruined by birth control, sugar, bad habits, genetics... and it can be fixed!

So, on that note, I had my 1st period since starting. Normally I am sleepy the days leading up, moody and they are heavy and harsh, lasting at least 7 days. I also gain about 5-7# in water weight. My belly bloats.
BUT.... this time, nada! Ok, so maybe a little. I was not sleepy, I did not feel moody, and I only gained 2#. It is still heavy but I hardly cramped. Woohoo!

I look at food so differently now. I do NOT need carbs to get energy, other food gives us energy! I don't have to eat grains, dairy or a lot of fruit. I just don't. The USDA or government cannot change my opinion of this. My body is thriving right now and I haven't had a bit of those things mentioned. I go to the Dr. tomorrow for my yearly and blood work. I'm betting she'll be astonished and be more apt to listen to why I'm doing what I'm doing.

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