Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 34

Whew, my brain is on over-drive. I've done way too much Math today and need a break. Although I like being in college most of the time, doing it as an adult with a family is hard.

So, here I am 34 days in. I've been doing the Leptin Reset for 27 of those. I'm working on getting my hormones and leptin back in whack. Yes, they were totally out of balance due to several reasons. Want to know if yours are too? Do you have excess belly weight? Have trouble falling or staying asleep? Heavy, irregular periods? Mood swings. It's not just PMS ladies. Our leptin has been ruined by birth control, sugar, bad habits, genetics... and it can be fixed!

So, on that note, I had my 1st period since starting. Normally I am sleepy the days leading up, moody and they are heavy and harsh, lasting at least 7 days. I also gain about 5-7# in water weight. My belly bloats.
BUT.... this time, nada! Ok, so maybe a little. I was not sleepy, I did not feel moody, and I only gained 2#. It is still heavy but I hardly cramped. Woohoo!

I look at food so differently now. I do NOT need carbs to get energy, other food gives us energy! I don't have to eat grains, dairy or a lot of fruit. I just don't. The USDA or government cannot change my opinion of this. My body is thriving right now and I haven't had a bit of those things mentioned. I go to the Dr. tomorrow for my yearly and blood work. I'm betting she'll be astonished and be more apt to listen to why I'm doing what I'm doing.

Monday, September 26, 2011

1 month - 31 days!

So here I am, 31 days in! I know I haven't posted the last 2 weeks but be sure, I have not fallen off the wagon! I'm doing well!

Here is the short of it... I'm losing weight, inches, and my body feels good! I'm falling asleep easier, staying asleep, and waking restful in the a.m.

I have lost 15#, 1.5in from my waist, 1.25in from my hips, 1in from my thigh, and .5in from my upper arm.
My belly bloat or full feeling is gone, my face is slimmer, and I have water retention.

Come on guys... something's gotta be working. has all the info you'll need to get started. Stop eating all that processed food, bread, fast food, and stop counting calories. That's not at all what it is about. It's all about lowering your carbs and upping your protein! No snacks and getting your omega 3:6 ratio back in order.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 15

Ok, I'm 2 weeks in. Wow, time has flown by! That means I am on Day 19 of no beer, Day 15 of eating primal, and Day 9 of the Leptin Reset.

I read recently, in several different places, that during LR you are not supposed to do any aerobic work out. Well, that takes care of that! LOL So other than walking and bedroom activities, I'm not working out for now. I'm still not quite sure how long I do the LR, but it seems 6 weeks is a good point. I still have a lot to learn and is taking their sweet time sending me my book, Primal Blueprint.

So for breakfast this morning I ate a pouch of pink salmon mixed with a tbs. of mayo. I also had some beef jerky and medium cheddar cheese. Kind of a weird breakfast but I had a field trip to go on and I was low on meat.

Lunch was 1 cup of tomato soup and some pork rines. I wasn't very hungry again.

Dinner was delicious! I had 4 oz. of salmon, 1.5 cups of spaghetti squash and homemade guacamole. YUM!

I am taking a before picture this weekend along with my measurements. Right now I've lost about 8lbs. depending on whether I've peed or not. We all know the scale can be iffy and isn't always accurate. However, I see some waistline I've been missing!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 12

So I've missed a few days of posts. However, I am still going strong! I am on Day 6 of the Leptin Reset. I have been eating 50+grams of protein for breakfast each day. No snacks, just a small lunch and dinner. Under 50grams of carbs per day.

For breakfast I had left over shredded pork and steak. Easy to eat and filling.

Lunch was beef jerky. I just wasn't hungry.

I'm excited about tonight's dinner. I baked a spaghetti squash in no-salt, pepper, onion and garlic on 350 for 45 mins. Scooped it out and added a little more of each seasoning. I cooked some ground beef with just a little spaghetti sauce. (The family had traditional spaghetti) I paired that with some sliced cucumbers and pica de gallo. YUM! If you haven't tried spaghetti squash you are missing out!

Day 8 - Day 2 Leptin Reset

Ahem... I have lost 6 lbs. Just saying.....
So when I started this overhaul I was menstruating, so I realize I have lost some normal monthly "water weight". But 6 lbs... I'm so o.k. with that! My stomach doesn't feel as bloated or big either, though I have a long way to go.

Today is Day 2 of the Leptin Reset. I am changing my body's way of using stored fat and energy.
Breakfast was leftover steak and 4 eggs. 53g of protein total. It is kind of tough, I just wasn't that hungry. But I am determined to give this my all. I WANT my body back!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 7 - Day 1 Leptin Reset

Well my body is a little upset at me I think. I still have the headache and now I am spotting/cramping. I sure not taking my Metformin is the cause. I have been off it 5 days now? (edited... I haven't had caffeine for 5 days, that's my headache source!)

Today I started the Leptin Reset program. Basically it jump starts your body back in to burning the stored fat. Insulin resistance goes hand in hand with this. I've read so many success stories over at Mark's Daily Apple it's hard not to try it.

So this morning, within 30 mins of waking up, I had to consume 50g of protein. Yes, you read that right. 50! Oh, and with minimal carbs. I had a clementine. So, breakfast consisted of 4 slices of low-sodium bacon, 4 turkey links, 3 eggs over easy, and 3 slices of sliced ham. 49g of protein total. It was a lot of food, and different than what I'm used to, but I'm giving this a 100% go.

The thought is that the protein and fat will keep me satisfied throughout the day. I won't be as hungry as fast if I were eating grains or cereal. At my next 2 meals I will eat some protein and still little carbs. I plan to load up on veggies!

Dinner was steak, beets and summer squash, yum!!