Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 38

Ahhh, the couch. I was so ready to sit down for a while. However, I have to get up in about 5 mins to start dinner. ; )

So today I went to class and needed to get in some YMCA hours for class. While doing the Leptin Reset I'm not supposed to do much cardio, mainly just lift.... in the evening. Whoops, there was no way evening was going to work for me today. So I went in and did about an hour of lifting. I could have done it faster but like I said, I need to get time in for school. So I took my time and stretched and listened to my new songs on my iPod. When I lifted last week I was really sore for about 3 days. I anticipate the same will happen over the next few days. I do expect it to be better next week, just in time to change things up a little. I was so happy to talk with a trainer there for a few mins. He said he totally thinks the paleo/primal movement is great and has already started some changes himself. I can't wait until people like him can share the good news without worrying about their job or the government.

I weighed in this morning, really just to make sure I lost any water weight from that time of the month. I did... and then some! I am up to 17# lost! I didn't measure this weekend, never got the time. I will this weekend, I can feel the differences!

I have enjoyed eating all the meat I can. Especially seafood and stuff high in omega 3's. No chicken though, super high in omega 6's... not good for the hormones! Although my family isn't paleo I have been making gradual changes. Right now I have to focus on myself but see everyone switching over in the near future. Once I am healthy again I can start working on others.

I hear the USDA will be changing the food pyramid once again... or is it a plate? Whatever, they will be lessening the daily recommendation of carbs and grains. Woohoo, a step in the right direction! Maybe then health insurance and Dr.s won't be such a big issue.