Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 72

Sorry for no updates, I am still very much on the wagon!

I weighed this morning and am 20# down. That's about an average loss of 10#/month. (With NO cardio exercise I should mention, just lifting)
I feel great! I have plenty of energy, I sleep so much more soundly, and of course am loving the weight loss. My PCOS symptoms are vanishing and I'm off those meds. My cycles are much more regular and easier.

I still find eating no sugar, beans, nuts, soda, gluten, etc. easy! Other than some alcohol I have stayed almost 100%. I eat meat every morning (bacon!), a light lunch, and meat and veggies at dinner.

I know some of you read this, please share your story with me! Have you tried eating this way? Do you want to know more? I promise you won't be disappointed!