Monday, September 26, 2011

1 month - 31 days!

So here I am, 31 days in! I know I haven't posted the last 2 weeks but be sure, I have not fallen off the wagon! I'm doing well!

Here is the short of it... I'm losing weight, inches, and my body feels good! I'm falling asleep easier, staying asleep, and waking restful in the a.m.

I have lost 15#, 1.5in from my waist, 1.25in from my hips, 1in from my thigh, and .5in from my upper arm.
My belly bloat or full feeling is gone, my face is slimmer, and I have water retention.

Come on guys... something's gotta be working. has all the info you'll need to get started. Stop eating all that processed food, bread, fast food, and stop counting calories. That's not at all what it is about. It's all about lowering your carbs and upping your protein! No snacks and getting your omega 3:6 ratio back in order.

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