Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 12

So I've missed a few days of posts. However, I am still going strong! I am on Day 6 of the Leptin Reset. I have been eating 50+grams of protein for breakfast each day. No snacks, just a small lunch and dinner. Under 50grams of carbs per day.

For breakfast I had left over shredded pork and steak. Easy to eat and filling.

Lunch was beef jerky. I just wasn't hungry.

I'm excited about tonight's dinner. I baked a spaghetti squash in no-salt, pepper, onion and garlic on 350 for 45 mins. Scooped it out and added a little more of each seasoning. I cooked some ground beef with just a little spaghetti sauce. (The family had traditional spaghetti) I paired that with some sliced cucumbers and pica de gallo. YUM! If you haven't tried spaghetti squash you are missing out!

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