Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 6 - Headache

So I am on Day 6, almost a full week! I have had a headache all day, I imagine it stems from my dietary changes or lack of meds. My body might be in a little bit of shock.

I had to fast for breakfast due to a Dr. Appt at 11:45a.m. I told my Dr. I was going off the Metformin for a while. Although it did help my menstruation, it did NOT help my ovulation... which is the point. She actually said o.k., she just wanted to see me back in 1 month. I haven't taken it for 5 days. I also stopped my Zyrtec today. My real allergy is to animals and I am no longer around them daily.

Lunch was sliced pork, lightly sweetened applesauce, and sliced green bell pepper. I had a little hummus too.

Dinner was delicious! I fried up and crumbled some light-salt bacon. I then sauteed zucchini and mushrooms with it. My husband came home and couldn't believe the smell! He enjoyed it with me. I sliced some tomato and ta-da, dinner!

I've decided to track my food for now until I get used to what I'm doing. My numbers for today are: 33g carbs, 21g fat, and 40g protein. Although my calories are low, I'm not hungry.

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