Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 4

Wow! Not only do I have tons of energy, but I just feel good. ; )
It may be all in my head but hey, that counts!

This weekend we had family staying with us. I resisted all the junk food they ate, but did enjoy the wine! I am 9 days with no beer, a favorite of mine.

Breakfast this morning was 5 lil' turkey smokies (in bbq sauce) and 3 turkey sausage links. I wasn't hungry for anything else.

Lunch was Applebee's. I ordered the french onion soup and spinach n' shrimp salad. The soup had cheese and bread pieces, but not overload.

Dinner was pork chops, beets, and sliced bell peppers. Here is a picture. I am full and feel good about what I ate!

I still have not exercised. I have been busy though, not sitting around on my hump. I have got to get out and get moving, I know. This week's weather is nicer so I will put my walking path to use at least.
I am down 2 lbs. I know it is water weight as my ankles aren't swollen like they have been lately. I'm hoping to see the scale start to go down soon and for my girl parts to cooperate this month. I go the Dr. on Wednesday. Although I think she is a moron and will be changing Dr.'s, blood tests don't lie.

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