Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 1... officially

So, it's my 1st official day. I was able to go shopping for more paleo-friendly food and now have more options.

*Before I go any further I want to say that I am just learning. I do NOT know everything, more like hardly anything so far. So, If you find something I say wrong or can offer some advice please feel free to leave me a comment. ; )

So breakfast was tough since I didn't have any eggs, lunch meat, or almond milk. I had hummus, nut crisps, and a small clementine. Not totally paleo but about the closest I had.

Lunch was a mixed (bag) salad topped with sweet 'n spicy tuna. It was really good! Here is a picture. I actually had about 3x this much but forgot to take a picture until I was almost done.

Dinner will probably be leftover from last night. Chicken, mushrooms and turnip greens.

I have not exercised in the past 2 days. I realize this is needed to lose weight as well. I'm going to write another post about my health and exercise intentions. Give an insight as to why I am doing this lifestyle change.

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